Yoga, Cancer, and Vegetables

Posting for a friend, as I'm a lady who has always had the men in her life cook for her, and who knows a lot about organic, but diddly about recipes.

as a cancer survivor now i have been doing cancer prevention research and have come to find that the american cancer society suggests a mainly plant-based diet with mostly fruits, veggies and whole grains... and beans. (wow, duh right! we knew that already) but it's very hard for a meat-eater to think up decent vegetarian meals. do you have any suggestions or sources for info? i don't want a million expensive weird ingredients and we're not into tofu. i basically can only make 1 good veggie thing... veggie bean chili. any help is greatly appreciated!! 


I'm not that into tofu, either. Anyone have favorite cookbooks and websites? I don't want to be biased and say Moosewood cookbooks (as Chris works there). 

Also, in terms of sequences: I know there are great teacher trainings to lead yoga for cancer survivors, but I haven't taken them. For a good intro check out Yoga Bear and this video. If you have some other suggestions and words of advice, though, here is the place and now is the time. 

Please forward this one on to anyone you know, as I'd like to get as many good responses as possible for my sweet, lovely, and fellow blogista friend!

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