Thoughts on revelation

I think maybe it's an American (USA) thing to want revelation to come like *that*, with a snap of the fingers. One giant leap for mankind sort of deal. For revelation to be easy and then done with to move onto the next.

I've had people, friends, come to me after having a truly extraordinary experience, saying they have now truly gotten over a person, forgiven themselves, or somehow escaped the cycle of pain surrounding a particular event in their lives. This certainly happens, that's not what I'm saying. These revelations, though, are (more often than not) a tremendous step forward that doesn't warn off future backsteppings. Just because there is progress doesn't mean that it is only a steady ascent from here on out. Or that it is fair to assume that the peak has been reached and revelation is here... tah-dah!

The universe has a funny way of hearing these statements, I think, and throwing something in the mix that will, in the future, preclude any and all statements of definitive.  Revelation does not come easy and the more proclamations of healing and closure, the more I make sure to keep a telephone by me with the ringer on high for what might come next.

This has always been my experience in general: the more sure I am about something (an event to happen, my feelings about something) the higher the possibility for chaos to enter into that area. Partially, it's my superstitious nature. I used to hold my breath going past cemeteries and I still knock on wood like it's my job. It's sort of morphed now, into holding nothing for granted. Not even revelation.

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Thoughts on revelation

Here is a Yoga Journal article about asanas (postures) for the third eye (ajna chakra). There are also postures for the other chakras in other parts of the article. May they help with your intuition, if not your personal revelations.

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