Fun sequence with Balancing Side Crow with Eagle Legs

  1. Begin in supported supta baddha konasana with blocks
  2. Legs in eagle, hands prayer position twist crunches (twist to same side each time, in the direction of the leg that's on top)
  3. Bridge with robot arms, pressing into elbow
  4. Repeat eagle leg crunches on other side
  5. Bridge with robot arms, transition to bridge with hands interlaced
  6. Happy Baby
  7. DD
  8. 3-4 Sun As
  9. 3-4 Sun Bs
  10. Balancing sequence: Left foot down, right leg off the ground. Dancer's Pose-->Standing Wind Relieving Pose-->#4 legs. In this position, rest your forearms on the balancing legs shin. Then walk your hands to two blocks, placed at the highest point,  off the right side of your mat. *repeat other side.
  11. Chair Pose
  12. Chair Twist to right
  13. Side crow
  14. Vinyasa to DD
  15. Pigeon with rt leg. Wave torso over bent knee.
  16. Vinyasa to DD
  17. Warrior II with rt leg
  18. Dancing/Peaceful Warrior
  19. Triangle
  20. Extended Side Angle
  21. Lizard
  22. Half Side Plank with flow
  23. Vinyasa to DD
  24. Repeat from 11-23
  25. Belly down backbends
  26. Sphinx
  27. Roll to rt side of body
  28. Bend left knee, place left foot in front of right knee
  29. Bend right knee, grab a hold of foot with left hand
  30. Pressing into hand and left foot stand up (should be facing sideways on mat)
  31. Repeat step #10, but instead of coming onto blocks in the last stage, come into side crow with eagle legs
  32. Step back to 3-legged dog
  33. Warrior I
  34. Humble Warrior
  35. Vinyasa
  36. Repeat steps 31-35 other side
  37. Pigeon with hold
  38. Janu Sirsasana
  39. Parivrtta janu sirsasana
  40. Repeat 27-39 other side
  41. Supine twists
  42. Gentle inversions
  43. Savasana

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