The Perils of Three Classes in One Day

Otherwise known as: Emma needs to consume calories.

First class rolls in at 6:15am and goes until 7:15am. Next is from 12:15-1:15. Day ends with 5:00pm-6:30pm class. I come home between the morning and afternoon classes, but for the rest of the afternoon I'm out.

Basically, I need some power foods. I packed a yogurt container full with pasta and a salad and was starting to feel my stomach move up into my ribcage even before the 5:00pm class. I've never felt knowledgeable about good foods to eat as a yoga teacher that won't make your stomach cramp during a class, but still gets food into your system. What are good, high calorie, fullness-lasting foods?

I refuse to eat power/energy bars; they make me slightly nauseous.

The Perils of Three Classes in One Day

In my noon class today I went through a variation on the Moon Salutations. Here is a video of a different version than I went through, but looked pretty deece. 

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