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Pre-order The Joy of Yoga!

I am thrilled to announce that after four years of writing this blog, almost twenty years of practicing yoga, and a million re-imaginings, my book, The Joy of Yoga, is available for pre-order on Amazon, IndieBound, and Barnes and Nobles!

Many of you have been reading this blog for years as I worked on this book, others have reached out for the first time in the past weeks or months. Whoever you are, wherever you are, thank you. I could never have done this without the support of the loved ones in my life, including those I've never met.

I'm planning a book tour for the fall after the release of the book. If you would like me to guest teach or plan a workshop for the studio you own, teach at, or practice with, please send me a line at thejoyofyogabook at gmail dot com. I would love to meet you in person and give you a proper hug.

In the meantime: Thank you for everything, I have no complaints whatsoever.

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