Crow transitions, 1/2 koundinyasana, and full

Start on back
Wind relieving pose (rt leg)
Strap around right leg, hamstring stretch
Open leg to right
Ankle to knee pose
Half Happy Baby
Repeat other side
Both knees to chest
Lift rt leg
Draw circles with rt knee
Rt knee to rt upper arm x3
Lizard, back knee to earth
Variation Pyramid Pose, hands inside foot and back heel lifted
Walk to 1/2 skandasana left leg bent
1/2 skandasana right leg bent
Wide legged fwd fold
Stand up with hands to hips
Warrior II
Extended Side Angle
1/2 side plank with flow
Change both sets of toes to point forward, maintain distance between feet
Rt leg to sky 3-limbed DD
Repeat other side
Repeat as flow (one mov't per breath) each side
Sun As 3x
Sun B 1x
Lift rt leg
Rt knee to rt elbow, back
Rt knee to rt tricep, back
Rt knee to rt armpit/shoulder
Lower rt knee to wrist and lift back to shoulder x3
Lizard w left knee lifted
Full skandasana to left leg
Forward Fold
Warrior II
Extended with Bind
Warrior II
1/2 side plank
Change both sets of toes to point forward, maintain distance between feet
Koundinyasana prep (back leg still on earth)
Repeat other side
Standing forward fold
*directly from crow* right foot down balancing 1/2 moon
Warrior II
Triangle w toe bind
Full side plank
Flip plank
3 limbed DD
Lizard, ground back foot and "backpack" right leg over shoulder. Lift back heel.
Koundinyasana full
 Repeat on other side
Standing forward fold peace fingers to big toes
Standing balancing sequence: right leg forward, out to side
Step back to high lunge, change position of feet to Wide Legged Forward Fold
Warrior II to back of room
Lizard, "backpack" right leg over shoulder again (do this by taking right foot to outside of right hand, but arm underneath the thigh)
Maintain this position-->standing splits
Take left leg into "crow" position
Extend right leg forward
Move (without touching the floor) into crow
Repeat from forward fold, but this time stand on hands instead of peace finger bind
Come onto belly
Belly down back bends
Child's pose
Heroes pose
Onto back
Back bends from back
Strap around foot for IT band stretch (rt foot toward left but with both hips on the floor)
Full supine twist, maybe bending lower leg for additional quad stretch
Other side
Deaf Man's Pose

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