Chapasana prep sequence

Child's Pose
Cat/cow in table top
In table top extend the left leg back
Knee down balancing 1/2 moon
Keep the leg lifted as you move the hips parallel to floor
Tiger Pose (opposite arm and leg extension)
Rt hand to floor, left leg forward
Knee down lunge
Knee down lunge twist (right arm to sky)
Knee down extended side angle
Lift torso
Gate pose
Knee down side plank toward the back of the room
Plank with right knee to nose facing opposite direction than you started
3-legged dog
3x knee to nose
Rt foot forward in between hands
Twist, left arm to sky
Extended side angle
Warrior II
Peaceful warrior -->straighten front leg
Triangle Pose
Warrior II
Turn all toes to left
Wide legged forward fold (any variation)
Turn all toes to face front of room
Repeat other side
Repeat entire first sequence, adding in (whenever possible) binds: *for example, instead of knee down half moon, knee down chapasana
Peak pose: Standing Chapasana
Cool down: restorative forward folds

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