Super yummy side stretches

  1. Child's pose
  2. Walk hands to right (1 minute) and then left (1 minute)
  3. Cat/cow table
  4. DD with knees so bent chest can touch (or almost touch) thighs. Straighten right leg, then re-bend. Same with left leg. Repeat twice each side.
  5. Walk hands to feet for standing forward fold
  6. Do the same thing as step #4 in Uttanasana
  7. Walk forward to DD
  8. Cobra
  9. Baby Salabhasana
  10. DD
  11. Low lunge (rt leg)
  12. Low lunge with side stretch
  13. 1/2 splits with torso waves
  14. Gate Pose
  15. Face to back of room (180 on yoga mat) 
  16. Tiger Pose
  17. 3 legged dog with right leg to sky
  18. Warrior II
  19. Peaceful
  20. Triangle
  21. Extended side angle with upper arm parallel to ear
  22. Triangle with upper arm parallel to ear
  23. Plank 
  24. Vinyasa
  25. Repeat steps 10-23 other side
  26. Sun As/Sun Bs
  27. Tree Pose
  28. Balancing Half Moon
  29. Triangle Pose
  30. Wide Legged Forward Fold
  31. Walk hands to leg at back of mat for side body stretches
  32. Bend front leg for deeper side body stretch
  33. Vinyasa
  34. DD
  35. 3-legged dog with hip openers
  36. Take  right knee to nose and extend leg toward the left to hover underneath torso. Take the left hand to the right foot, drop the left foot to the floor (like Warrior II feet), and draw the right foot toward the head. This is an easier variation of Visvamitrasana.
  37. Vinyasa
  38. Tadasana
  39. Repeat steps 27-38 other side
  40. DD
  41. High lunge with side body stretch
  42. 1/2 split
  43. Gate Pose
  44. Fold over straight leg in Gate
  45. Bend straight leg (knee over ankle) for knee-down Visvamitrasana
  46. Sit down into Janu Sirsasana shape, but without sole of food touching inside of opposite leg
  47. Parivrtta Janu variation
  48. Twist to bent knee
  49. Repeat 40-48 other side
  50. Pigeon both side
  51. Supine twists
  52. Restorative stretches
  53. Savasana

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