Tina V of Yogini with a Twist.2

One of my favorite blogs out there is Yogini with a Twist It's always honest and interesting. In short, my practice is further developed by visiting it. Today's sequence, from Tina V.,  is a Morning Yin. Tina had this to say, "This morning, with only an hour to practice, I opted for Yin. With all of the strengthening that my practice typically entails, I thought it time to balance with a practice that would dig deeper into the connective fabric of my being, so that my strength might be matched by agility." I found this sequence by visiting her blog, and asking if I could repost, which she graciously accepted. Please check out her blog, too, to see the original.
Morning Yin

  1. Butterfly (a loose bound angle)
  2. Once upright--a gentle, seated backbend from Butterfly
  3. Pigeon on right side
  4. Firelog (left leg swings around, left knee atop right ankle, left ankle atop right knee)
  5. From firelog--twisting left
  6. From firelog--gentle, seated backbend
  7. From firelog--folding forward
  8. Repeat on the other side
  9. Reclined Hero (or Saddle in Yin)
  10. Child's Pose
  11. Frog
  12. Cat Flow from Table
  13. Down Dog
  14. Sun Salutation A (3x)
  15. Headstand
  16. Yoga Nidra 15 minutes
For the Yin poses 1-11, I held for a few minutes (except the twists) and because I need the energy and flow of my Sun Salutations, I threw in a couple per body wisdom. Finally, I REALLY enjoy practicing Headstand when I haven't had a vigorous practice because I have so much more to offer for the integrity of the pose.

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