Carly S.'s Yoga Poem.2

This is the second poem of Carly's that I post here. To restate... Carly and I were in Yoga Teacher Training together, and I was able to hear her beautiful, incisive yoga-related poems. Carly's poem can also be seen on the website for the Jaya Yoga Center in Brooklyn, New York. The poems in of themselves are not a sequence, of course, but they definitely can heighten your practice.

Here's to bringing in the New Year with beauty and grace.

For Glenn, Dana, and Carla

Outside the train window,
the snow barely blankets the ground,

Small boulders and twigs rise like carrots
surfacing in a pot of soup.

Afternoon sun and shadows of trees,
a blue sky.

What more could be necessary
besides this view

of the landscape,
What purpose to want

for summer with her green
jewels or autumn’s vibrant wardrobe.

They will come in time,
but for now to see these bare bodies,

the bones
of what already is.

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