Blogista Canning Party!

Back in August, I read this post from Rachel over at Suburban Yogini. It was part of her "Things I Love Thursday" series. She introduced us to Healthy Living Blogs, a website where you can register your blog, find other bloggers writing about similar topics, and, the best part, see if any bloggers live in your area for meet-ups!

I immediately signed up. Within a week, I found out that one of the founders of HLB not only lived in Ithaca (where I live), but moved here from Madison, WI (where I'm from). What are the chances??!! Apparently, pretty good, because another founder is also from Madison and living nearby.

Julie, of the blog Savvy Eats (and a HLB co-founder), sent me an email inviting me to a canning party she was having with a few other blogistas. The line-up was impressive: Heather of Then Heather Said, Megan (or Mae) of Ohh May..., and Cynthia of It All Changes. (I look at these beautiful ladies' beautiful blogs and I think... oh my goodness my little yoga world needs a big makeover). The menu, also impressive: pear/ginger preserves, bruschetta in a jar, and pickled summer squash. And... here we are (thanks to Dan for taking the pictures):

I'm the one with the giant bump in her hair.

It was alarming amounts of fun. We canned, we snacked, we talked bloglandia and non-bloglandia. After moving to a new place, I value making friends (and appreciating the ones I have) so much. From the scraps left behind in the pots after filling up the Mason jars, I can attest that everything turned out deliciously. Waiting until the cold, dark days of winter to eat the results will be hard, but I'm up for the challenge. We left the canning party with nondefinitive but serious intentions to have a follow up. 

And guess who showed up at my Cornell yoga class this morning? Mae!!!

In lieu of a sequence this morning, head over to Julie's blog for her post on our meet-up and some delicious recipes. A big shout out thank you to Rachel (Suburban Yogini) and all of my new Healthy Living Blog friends for making me as happy as could be. This is what the *Joy* in The Joy of Yoga is about.

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