The Moon

Photos by Laurent Laveder. For more beautiful pictures of the moon, check out here. Thanks to Chris' mom and aunt for sending the initial images of these on to my email inbox.

Here's a moon sequence:
  1. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
  2. Kripalu Ardha Chandrasana (Kripalu Style Half Moon. With arms raised above head, side stretch) 
  3. Repeat other side
  4. Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I Pose)
  5. Virabhadrasana I I (Warrior II Pose)
  6. Chaturanga Dandasana
  7. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana 
  8. Adho Mukha Svanasana
  9. Repeat steps 4-8 with other leg
  10. Repeat step 9 twice
  11. Utkattasana (Chair Pose)
  12. Parivrtta Utkattasana (Twist in Chair Pose)
  13. Step opposite to twisting side leg back
  14. High lunge twist
  15. Ardha Chandrasana (Balancing Half Moon Pose)
  16. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)
  17. Parsvottanasana (Intense Side Stretch Pose)
  18. Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana (Twist in Balancing Half Moon Pose)
  19. Parivrtta Trikonasana (Revolved Triangle Pose)
  20. Parsvottanasana
  21. High Lunge
  22. Chaturanga Dandasana
  23. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana
  24. Adho Mukha Svanasana
  25. Repeat steps 11-24
  26. Come down onto stomach
  27. Sphinx Pose. Engage the forearms by isometrically pulling backwards on them to work the core muscle
  28. Navasana (Boat Pose)
  29. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
  30. Come onto back
  31. Supta Dandasana (Reclined Staff Pose), on back, legs directly towards sky
  32. Bring one leg towards chest for hamstring stretch. Repeat other side
  33. Supta Matsyendrasana (Reclined Twist). Repeat other side
  34. Savasana

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