10 minutes yoga sequencces

10 minutes. Enough time to boil an egg, and maybe eat it, too. To change a couple of diapers. 10 minutes to run one mile (um, at least for me).

But, 10 minutes for a yoga practice? Is that enough time?

Yoga Gypsy, in her most recent post, teaches us heck yes. She polled the blogosphere for their favorite 10 minute sequences and got a lot of great responses. So the next time you hear the words, "I don't have a minute to myself" come out your mouth, remember that *yes you do*. You can always make 10 minutes for yourself. Delay the egg. Change the diaper, but wait for the nap. Run the mile and unite breath with movement. If you have more time, great, but if not... this is a fine resource.

Take time to make time!

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