After that Halloween binger that I'm sure all you kids went crazy on, we're going a bit low-key. So, dim your lights, put on some candles, and get ready for some Savasana. 

Not enough conversation goes on about Savasana. I am a firm believer in leading it in my classes and including the pose at the end of my personal practice. Someone once said to me, "I can tell how good a class was by how deep I go into Savasana." Love it. It's totally true: if you were really present and kept your focus during your practice, your Savasana is like the best slice of Key Lime Pie in the world (personal preference, in addition to the pumpkin pie... what's with all these pie references?). It's delicious, you don't want it to end, and you savor every second.

This, then is going to be a bit of an oddball post. I am going to let you pick any one of the other sequences I've done on here (pick your fav.), and then the post today is going to be about coming into and out of Savasana. Yeah, it's tiny, but good things come in small packages. So, go deep, and, darn it, stay there for awhile. You have nowhere to be, even if you think you do. Seriously. 

(p.s. note: if anyone has a Yoga Nidra script they wrote and like, I would love to post that here. I am a big fan of Yoga Nidra [who isn't?] and would love to have the assistance of someone who knows what they are talking about)

  1. Savasana
    Engage both of your legs, lifting them an inch off of the floor. Release.
  2. Engage both of your arms, lifting them an inch off of the floor. Release.
  3. Engage your chest, lifting it an inch off of the floor. Release.
  4. Engage your hips, lifting them an inch off of the floor. Release.
  5. Engage your head and neck, tucking your chin towards your chest. Release.
  6. Hold Savasana for 10-15 minutes, or longer
  7. Begin coming out of Savasana with your breath, lengthening your inhales
  8. Starting with small movement, eventually make your way to fetal position
  9. Hold fetal position for 2-3 minutes, coming to stillness in the transition
  10. Sukhasana
  11. Nadi Shodna (Alternate Nostril Breath)

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