The Butekyo Method

In Tuesday's New York Times, there was an article on the Butekyo Method. I first heard of this technique only yesterday, through a Kripalu email group. The writer of the email didn't know what to make of the technique as a yoga instructor who was trained to instruct students to breathe deeply throughout pratice. Frankly, I don't know what to make of it, either.

The Butekyo Method holds that for asthma sufferers shallow breathing is better. It appears that clinical trials in Britain and Australia have backed up this idea. The Times article goes a bit father than that, to suggest that this shallow breathing technique could have a positive benefit for everyone, asthma sufferer or not.

Where does millenia-old pranayama fall in with this? Ujayyi? Dirgha?

No second flow today... only unanswered questions.

If I taught a class tomorrow, I'm not sure how I would lead breath work.

Any thoughts?

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