Neti Pot

Full disclosure: all that travel made me a bit sick. Literally. I have a cold, stuffed up nose, swollen sinuses. I've been neti-potting on a regular basis and it helps, at least for the time being. It was the neti-pot that led to a strange, funny encounter in my folks house.

My younger brother, also home, and his friend come into the kitchen. My neti pot, recently being dishwashered (no, not a real word, but that's okay), is sitting out. Now, imagine for yourself my brother: sideways Yankees cap, way too large sweatpants, line cook, total dude.

"What the hell is this?," says Jake (brother)
"Ahhh... I'm not sure you want to know." Me
"No, really. I wanna know. Tell me." Jake

After some badgering, I explain Neti pot use.

"Wooooah! Can you show me that?," says Jeff (Jake's friend)

I show. Jake freaks out, hides in the pantry, makes disturbed noises.

Jeff: "That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Can I try it?"

Jeff tries it, realizes the magic of Neti, convinces Jake to try. Jake, who is chronically congested, decides he hasn't felt this good in years. Both men continue Neti pot usage (Jake, again later that same day, Jeff the next day).

Huge victory.

In honor of the Neti pot, here are a few postures to do post-Neti pot usage. As regular users will admit/attest to, sometimes the water comes out way later than it should, later than you would have thought it could stay up there. These postures and pranayama should help make sure that doesn't happen, but no promises.

Neti Pot

Your homework for the day? Read this New Yorks Times article about never blowing your nose. And then go use your Neti Pot.

  1. Use Neti pot on one side
  2. Forceful exhale through both nostrils
  3. Kapalabhati (Skull-shining Breath) 10-12x
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 on other side
  5. Uttanasana (Forward Fold). Hold for 2-3 minutes, unless you have crazy sinus pressue. In that case, Ardha Uttanasana (Pike Position or Half Forward Fold) with the hands on the knees or shins should feel better
  6. Tadasana (Mountain Pose
  7. Prasarita Padottanasana (Standing Forward Fold)
  8. Parivrtta Prasarita Padottanasana (Standing Forward Fold with Twist), bring torso to one leg in Forward Fold
  9. Repeat other side
  10. Prasarita Padottanasana
  11. Interlock hands behind lower back to come up into gentle back bend
  12. Gentle Trikonoasana (Triangle Pose). Play around with position of neck. What position would be best for sinuses and saline solutions?
  13. Repeat other side
  14. Yoga Mudra (Seal of Yoga)

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