Carly S.'s Yoga Poem

A wonderful woman and friend I was in teacher training with is working on a project of poems about and influenced by yoga. So, going a bit off track, today's offering is a something I hope will inspire your sequences, but in itself is not a sequence. Carly is a published poet and author and a Kripalu Yoga instructor. For more information on her work, visit her website The Why and Later. Hopefully, I'll be able to post more of her yoga poems here in the future. 

for Brian

Ahimsa sounds like wind, a soft sigh or breath,
the way wheat moves in a field

or the way sun warms the body,
how much it comes in waves, one and then

another and another, always another chance,
a time to ride, feel, and be alive;

in this way, it is always a continual practice,
much in the way blood is always being circulated in the body.

Or, it can be like light, like the one in a dark café,
airplane or bus, the one that helps you find your page

or your place. Ahimsa is the word you write, or say when
you need to find meaning. Ahimsa is the breath

that whispers in your ear, that inner voice or teacher
who tells you, you are loved.

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