Hamstrings! Pyramid Pose!

  1. Begin on back
  2. Single leg lifts core work
  3. Double leg lifts and lowers
  4. Legs return to sky for ankle rolls and shin warm ups
  5. Happy Baby
  6. Table
  7. Cat/cow
  8. Puppy
  9. Sphinx
  10. Dolphin, moving fwd and backward with breath
  11. Table
  12. DD
  13. Sun As and Bs
  14. Pada Hastasana
  15. Tadasana
  16. Side stretch with wrist opener
  17. Hands interlace by lower back fwd fold
  18. Half lift and refold flow
  19. Pause at half lift
  20. Lift left heel to bum, extend left leg back for variation Warrior III
  21. Step to High Lunge
  22. Lower back knee to earth for low lunge
  23. Five cycles of breath low lunge
  24. Prayer twist
  25. Low lunge
  26. Knee down balancing half moon or knee down chakrasana
  27. Plank
  28. 3 baby cobras
  29. Childs
  30. DD
  31. Lift right leg, open right hip
  32. Knee to nose x3
  33. Pyramid variation with both hands to blocks and torso parallel to earth and back heel lifted
  34. Standing splits
  35. Uttanasana
  36. Repeat steps 15-35 other side
  37. Malasana
  38. Crow
  39. Vinyasa
  40. Repeat steps 15-35 on right side as a flow (no long holds, one breath per movement). Changes: 
  • Sub high lunge twist for low lunge (don't lower back knee)
  • Sub side plank for knee down 1/2 moon
  • Sub flip dog for 3 legged
  • Sub full pyramid for variation, with hands in prayer behind back
  • Repeat on other side
41. Options for other poses: QUAD STRETCHES: Balancing 1/2 moon with bind, dancers, belly down back bends (Bow, sphinx turning to grab back foot)
42. Bridge
43. Wheel
44. Supine twists
45. Savasana

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