Yoga with your bike

Chris and I took a bike ride into town today.

The river had recently jumped its banks and, crossing over a bridge, we took a second to sit and look at the water. After a bit, Chris says, "Wait... are those apples?" (You may remember, he is an apple man, through and through). No, they weren't apples, but upon further inspection, we realized that large quantities of onions were making their way down the river. White onions, purple onions, skinned and whole. More onions then we could count, rolling down the river. I wish I had my camera then, but I didn't. Our hypothesis is that the river flooded the farm fields and was now receding, bring last year's left-over crop with it. Truly, it was odd enough to be difficult to describe in the right way.

When we got back, I was feeling a bit silly and sore, so I did a sequence with my beloved Surly Long Haul Trucker (um, my bike). For those enjoying the turning of the seasons by getting out there on their bicis, here is a new way to connect to your favorite mode of transport.

Yoga with your bike
Back Stretch

Leg stretch

Forward Fold
Heart Opener

Hip stretch

Now get out and ride!

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