Sandra from Breathe Yoga Studio

I've mentioned a few times that I am a member of an email listserve about yoga. It's great: I get ideas for postings and learn something new every day. Every once and awhile, I also see a fine sequence come through. 

After a recent discussion on balancing postures, Sandra from Breathe Yoga Studio of Pensacola, Florida sent out a sequence she does entirely on a block. This is something I've never done, never thought to have done, but am excited to try out. It sounds like I'd probably fall off more than a few times, although I'd learn a lot about balance and have a darn tootin' good time on the way. After teaching kiddos, I've learned that sometimes, there's nothing quite as fun as falling. 

If anyone is a snowbird or a permanent Floridian, I recommend checking out Sandra's studio. She is a frequent and appreciated contributor to the listserve and, now, happily, a contributor here as well. Thank you, Sandra!

Sandra from Breathe Yoga Studio

Sandra writes, "I have a whole balancing sequence using a block (has to be the big, thick ones)…tadasana, tree, warrior 3, standing squat (ukatasana), forward bend and, depending on the level class I’m teaching, we might even move into crow! The blocks are really surprisingly stable…the reluctance/trepidation is mostly the mental stuff…so we begin w/ gentle reminders that tadasana is our foundational posture and very familiar, we are just adding 4 little inches under our feet…like a pair of platform shoes!  We spend a bit of time in tadasana on the block, then slowly, w/ great ahimsa and awareness…we begin to scooch around, getting reacquainted w/ our balancing points…and slowly begin to play/explore postures.  The space is sooo quiet and concentration intense…very present moment. Great opportunity to talk about trying new things, facing/conquering fears, being willing to fall off the block and trying again, noticing emotions that arise…can you be comfortable here and here, always giving yourself permission to stay where you’re comfortable, or use the wall or come off the block if you prefer.  Eventually we come back to the beginning of the balancing sequence, tadasana, close our eyes, move into dirgha breath….and then complete our balancing journey by jumping off the block!  I love the look of students eyes and faces filled w/ amazement and satisfaction.  So beautiful!"

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