Yoga video

There are some limitations to what I try and do here. There are practices that are wonderful and felt great, but aren't even worth trying to explain in words without visuals. Of course, the solution should probably be a combination of text and video. I, however, definitely do not have the time to write a sequence and make a video to post every day. Plus, I'm sort of technologically illiterate. Sorry, folks.

To ameliorate that, I'm going to start posting a yoga sequence video of the week. I'll trawl the blogs (which I do anyway) and YouTube (which I have been intending to do more often anyway) and post the gems that I come across. If you have any videos or YouTube channels that you like (or produce) let me know and I'll do  my part to get the word out about good things.

The video today comes from the Being with Yoga blog. This dual creation is a multimedia gem. They have skills. So, consider the video below a teaser... if you enjoy this sequence, I recommend checking out the others they have posted.

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