Emily of the Accountability Blog and WoYoPracMo

World Yoga Practice Month= WoMoPracMo. I'm not actually sure which is easier to say.

Anyway, WoMoPracMo is a site devoted to creating a community around your practice. This coming January will be the third in which members commit to practicing every day. "Practice" being a highly interpretable word on a case-by-case basis. Physical, philosophical, etc... just get it in once a day.

Emily and I are both on the site. On the site, Emily let me know about her practice, and I'm psyched to post it here. Her blog, Accountability: My 15 Minutes to Better Fitness, is funny. Really funny. Her sense of humor is wry and doesn't go for the easy shot. The Accountability of the title is what she's holding herself to. When I'm honest to myself, I think that's sort of what I'm trying to do here, too, while putting on my best "Doing it for the people" face. I'm serious about doing this to see if can be helpful, but also recognizing that it's helping *me*, too. So, thanks for the post, Emily. And thanks for holding us all accountable. Rock it. 

Emily of Accountability

Sun Salutation’s for me involve (One move per breath)

* Arms up
* swan dive down to forward bend
* lift up the heart then back down
* Right foot back to runner stretch
* left foot back to plank
* lower to the floor
* Up to Sphinx, cobra or up dog
* Up to downward dog
* Right foot forward to runners stretch
* Left foot forward to forward bend
* Sweep back up
* Repeat with left foot back/forward first.

Depending on how I feel, I might include crescent moon on both side or a gentle backbend before swan diving down.

Moon Salutations:

* Runner stretch on one side
* Up into Triangle
* Warrior I
* Warrior II
* Goddess Squat
* Reverse order on the other side.

I typically hold each pose for 5-10 breathes.

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