Ellen's Hip-Opening Class

This post comes from Ellen, a fellow member of a yoga-related mailing list. Every day, I get lots of emails from people teaching all over the world, about topics ranging from what to charge students as a new studio owner to the best way to come into a forward fold. It is a wonderful resource and quite a few guest posts have come from group members. Ellen sent this one out to the group; I thought it would be great to share it here as well.

Thank you, Ellen! And, for anyone else that has a sequence or series of poses tucked in their back pocket, send it my way!

Ellen's Hip-Opening Class

On your back: 
Wind-Relieving Pose (Pavana Muktasana) one side at a time, then both together
                Happy Baby
                Extend legs straight up
                Open to a V
                Sit-ups with legs in a V, balance, reach arms up in a V if comfortable.  Bend knees to modify.

Table Position:
                Hip Circles both sides
                Down Dog to Up Dog
                Fire-Hydrant to Gate Pose both sides
                Ha Breaths, swing leg from behind out to side, head follows the movement, both sides
                Sideways Pigeon (from table, cross R leg over L and extend it out, come down on forearms; other side)
                Donkey Kicks—HA Breath, move right into next one
                Balancing cross –body stretch, opposite hand and leg extended.  Repeat sequence other side.
Work into a squat, lean chest over knees
Still in squat, open legs out to wide, bring arms between legs, hands on floor or block
Extend one arm up and roll chest open, other arm presses on inner thigh, do other side
Move into crow pose, or head on floor with arms out in a tripod, or child, or yoga mudra

Standing Position:
                Hanging forward fold
                Sun breaths, arms up on inhale, down on exhale
                Fold forward, step back into lunge
                Drop knee to floor, take hips forward, bend back knee and take foot in hand or strap

Belly Down:
                Half-Locust both sides, lifting one leg up and then the other
                Full Locust, lift both legs together, hold and breathe
                Boat pose, any variation
                Roll onto back, happy baby or hug knees in

                Hero pose, sitting with knees bent and touching, heels to sides of hips
                Reclining hero, onto a bolster or other support, or onto floor.  Sit on blanket or blocks if needed.
                Fire log pose (double-pigeon), one shin stacked right on top of the other, fold forward (use support)
                Repeat on other side
                Paschimottanasana (sitting forward fold)

Lie Down In Shavasana and breathe, relax, and totally let go…..

Created by Ellen Shapiro, ellsha@comcast.netwww.drellenshapiro.com

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