My traveling pants

Yariv says I have to write, "photo taken by my incredibly handsome boyfriend."

The above photo was taken at Machu Picchu during aforementioned travels (see previous post). Right before leaving, I received a package with some super snazzy RBX leggings. This pants were beyond perfect for some high-impact traveling. I could spent all day hiking and running up epic mountains, but also get on an overnight bus and sleep and be super comfy. I'm even more stoked that RBX is offering a special offer to blog readers of a 25% discount code for the month of July at their website These pants are already super affordable (unlike some other not-to-be-mentioned-way-overpriced-not-super-comfortable-with-company-politics brands), so snatch 'um up! If you weren't already totally convinced, I provided you with some sexy (aka ridiculous and hilarious) model shots. If you're on board, the coupon code is Active25, with *free shipping* for order over $50!

Also, it should be said: I'm so happy to be home. I missed ya'll.

Checking out a CONDOR

Not sure if you're supposed to lean against the ruins, but I think they're okay

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