Hip hip hoorays!

Thanks to Rachel VerValin for a couple of these hips stretches-- new and super yummy!

  1. Begin on back
  2. Arms off to side
  3. Draw circles with right knee, left leg stays long on ground
  4. Ankle-to-knee pose
  5. Take left foot to floor, thread right foot under bent left knee. Take right foot into left hand for quad stretch.
  6. Windshield-wiper legs
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 on other side
  8. Table top position
  9. Opp. arm and leg extension: inhale to extend, exhale to bring elbow to knee under torso. Repeat 6x.
  10. Tiger Pose
  11. Place right foot forward in between hands
  12. Bend and straighten right leg with breath
  13. Bend right knee over ankle and inhale into knee down lunge
  14. Hold for 6-12 cycles of breath
  15. Hands frame right foot
  16. Move left foot to right side of mat (left shin will become parallel with back of mat). Walk hands off of the top left hand corner of the mat (DD torso) for hip stretch. Hold until you find divinity. 
  17. Keep walking hands off to left side, and rise up into Gate Pose
  18. Knee down side plank
  19. Side Plank
  20. Plank Pose (you should now be facing the opp. direction from where you started)
  21. Vinyasa
  22. DD
  23. Right leg to sky, option to flip dog
  24. High Lunge/Crescent Lunge with right foot forward
  25. Warrior II
  26. Peaceful Warrior
  27. Extended side angle OR Triangle Pose (feel out the room)
  28. 5-pointed star
  29. Goddesss Pose with shoulder rolls
  30. Wide Leg Forward Fold
  31. Walk to "original" front of mat, hands framing left foot. 
  32. Lower right knee to earth and extend left leg long back behind. You are now, magically, in the exact position you started this long sequence, but on other side (see step 9). 
  33. Other side steps 9-32
  34. Child's Pose
  35. Cool down
  36. Savasana

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