Quick Vinyasa Flow Sequence

Warning: To much information around the corner. 

I recently had a growth removed from the bottom of my foot. It makes walking less than fun... and less than fully possible. I kept a full teaching schedule, but had to teach most classes sitting down and (gently) shouting out alignment cues as needed. This was part of a class I planned because I was really, really missing yoga. If I could practice yoga as I usually do, this is what I would be doing right now. So, if you don't mind, you can do it for me and hopefully enjoy it as much I know I would. Thanks ;)
  1. Child's Pose
  2. Table top position
  3. Extend left leg back
  4. Exhale knee to nose, inhale extend leg back (repeat 6x)
  5. Extend right arm forward (hold for five cycles of breath) for Table Top with opposite arm and leg extension
  6. Take right hand to floor
  7. Take ball of left foot to floor (leg is straight back behind your torso) for calf stretch
  8. Press so strongly into ball of left foot and hands that you draw your right knee to your nose for Jack-knife 
  9. Three legged Dog with right leg in the air
  10. Hip openers in Three legged Dog
  11. Right foot forward for High Lunge
  12. "Humble warrior" or "Silver Surfer"
  13. Warrior II
  14. Triangle
  15. Warrior II
  16. Lizard Pose
  17. Plank'
  18. Vinyasa
  19. Repeat steps 1-18 on other side

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