Flow and Restore Sequence

I just started teaching a new class at Mighty Yoga on Sunday nights called Flow and Restore. It's quickly becoming my new favorite classes to teach (think I'm not supposed to pick favorites? Well, just did). I had worried that very few people would show up, but the response has been really great. I think people, especially in Ithaca, New York, need to let go, de-stress, and breathe a little more deeply. I'm hoping to provide that in the form of meditation, gentle flow, and yummy stretches.  

For the sequences in this class, I'm drawing from the Yin Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga traditions as well as throwing in what's worked well for my students over the years from every modality I can think of. It's a big relaxation soup. In general, I'm going to stick to a similar gentle flow:

  1. Cat/cow in Table top: Include extra time to move the spine every which way that feels good, keep eyes closed. 
  2. 5 Sun Salutation As: Slow down and draw out the breath to its natural end for every posture, so that the Salutations are slowed way, way down. If the student is comfortable, they can close their eyes. 
  3. Warrior II: Hold here to develop the sense of being grounded, stable, and strong. 
  4. Triangle: Same. 
  5. Include one twist in the flow. 

While the Yin Yoga tradition advocates for stretching while the muscles are cold, I include long holds of postures both before and after the flow to provide benefits to the tendons, ligaments, and the muscles.  The last 15 minutes or so of practice is guided meditation. If you (hello, Reader!) have any guided meditations that you adore, please send them my way (thejoyofyogabook at gmail dot com *or* just leave in the comments section-- much obliged either way).

It's an hour long class that goes way too quickly. I could Flow and Restore all day!

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