Hip opening and core strengthening sequence

Sorry I've been away for awhile. I went to visit dear friends in Vermont and to climb Camel's Hump and Mount Mansfield in the Green Mountains (over 8,000 feet elevation gain in two days-- bam!). Afterward, I felt too tired to even type up yoga sequences. Okay, not really, but it takes awhile to adjust after you've been away, yes?

Here's part of the sequence that I taught today. As always, I appreciate feedback and hope you enjoy!

  1. Child's Pose
  2. Cat/cow spine in table top position
  3. Extend right leg long behind you
  4. Cross right to behind left leg. Keep leg straight and plant ball of foot on floor as far as you can bring it across to the left.
  5. Plant right hand on the ground. Inhale to lift left arm and twist torso.
  6. Bring hands back down and extend right leg long behind you (as in step 3)
  7. Take right leg out to the right, keeping leg straight, and bring foot to the floor. Leg will be perpendicular to torso.
  8. Plant left hand on the ground. Inhale to lift right arm and twist torso (opposite direction to step 5)
  9. Bring hands back down and extend right leg long behind you (as in step 3)
  10. Extend right leg and left arm in table. Have hand grab foot to bind, if you like.
  11. Take left hand back to ground and move both hands 3-6 inches forward.
  12. 6 "chaturanga push-ups" lifting right leg high into the air as the chest lowers
  13. Release right leg behind right wrist to come into pigeon pose (some negotiation might be required)
  14. 6 "pigeon waves": wave the torso over the bent right leg, warming up hips, strengthening arms and invigorating spine
  15. Pause and come to your forearms in Pigeon
  16. Curl left toes under and lift left knee
  17. Curl into torso and look back at your left foot. Step right foot back to meet left foot.
  18. Forearm plank, hold 5 cycles of breath.
  19. Dolphin, hold 5 cycles of breath.
  20. Child's Pose.
  21. Repeat steps 2-20 on other side of the body.
That should take about 15-20 minutes with medium length holds. If you want to know what I did for the rest of the sequence, let me know! (thejoyofyogabook at gmail dot com)

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