An Everything Strengthening Sequence

Last week I posted a Hip Opening and Core Strengthening sequence. Upon further consideration, I think it's an everything strengthening sequence. I also mentioned that there was a whole second section to that sequence, but that I didn't want to create the world's longest blog post. Now, here is the second half to the sequence. It's meant to be a mimic of the first half, but be a step up on the vigorous scale. If you are a yoga teacher and want to teach this to a mixed levels class, I encourage you to teach the first sequence and then offer this sequence (or parts of it) to your more advanced students. The rest of the class will keep up perfectly well just repeating the similar elements of the first sequence again.

Next week, I'll try and finish up with part three, or how to end this sequence with lots of lovely, longer held stretches that complement the strengthening aspects.

  1. Downward Facing Dog
  2. Lift right leg to sky
  3. Flip Dog
  4. "Fall Triangle" variation on side plank, right foot threading through and either landing on floor or hovering (see image for hovering variation)
  5. Take left hand to earth, keep right leg threaded. Either hold or take 6 chaturanga push-ups with leg threaded.
  6. Low lunge, right foot forward
  7. High Lunge
  8. Dancer's Pose
  9. High Lunge
  10. Three legged dog, still with right leg to sky
  11. Pigeon Pose (let yourself relax after that crazy sequence!)
  12. Come to your forearms in Pigeon
  13. Curl left toes under and lift left knee
  14. Curl into torso and look back at your left foot. Step right foot back to meet left foot.
  15. Forearm plank, hold 5 cycles of breath.
  16. Dolphin, allowing yourself time to practice hops into forearm stand, or actually come into forearm stand
  17. Child's Pose
  18. Repeat steps 1-17 on other side

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