Guest Sequence: Strengthening and Shaping our Shoulders

In April, my most popular post wasn't about my travails as a yoga instructor, it wasn't a sequence to tone your tush or sculpt your abs, and it definitely wasn't a yoga inspired food recipe (most of you probably know by now-- cooking isn't my forte).

In April, my most popular post wasn't by me at all, but by the lovely Alison Fellers of Yoga Landing in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I loved how, in that sequence, we started facing the back of the room and quickly ended up facing the right way. Speaking personally, I know I can get so set in my routine, that a shake up can change my whole perspective on my practice and my habits. There's a few excellent surprises in this sequence as well.

So, if in April my most popular post was Alison's... let's help make it the most popular for August! You'll enjoy it so much, I'm sure it will be.


Seated breathing
Child's..walk hands rt and left. Big side stretch and shoulder stretch. Hold 10 breaths
Table top/ thread needle both sides (balance by lifting opposite leg)
Low plank hold 8 breaths
Shalabasana (broaden shoulders by palms down under pubic bone, pinkies touch, externally rotate shoulders so elbows move closer)
Arm roll over (Lay on belly, arm wide, middle finger lines up with nose) 
Gate pose

Eagle arms
Chair twist
Interlace hands behind back forward fold

Forearm plank
Forearm side plank
Other side
Possible scorpion pose or dolphin kicks
Crow to tripod to crow to tripod to crow

Child's interlace hands behind feet
Back bridge and twists

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