Power Yoga Sequence

A sequence? But. But. But. A sequence hasn't graced these pages in months! Those of you who have been around for awhile might remember the good old days where I posted one of these guys *every single day*, which for the life of me I couldn't image doing now. I think I was unemployed then... Anyway, I haven't stopped teaching a new sequence every day, I just stopped posting them. So, for old times sake, here's a power yoga sequence:
  1. Begin on the back
  2. 5-10 minutes of core work (eagle crunches, leg lifts coordinated with breath; anything but sit-ups, which I am not a fan of)
  3. Gentle supine twist
  4. Roll to seated
  5. Set intention for class
  6. Table top
  7. Raise opposite arm and leg; repeat on other side
  8. Raise same arm and leg, stacking hips, for knee-down Balancing Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana)
  9. Lower leg for side plank variation
  10. Take upper arm in big old circles in side plank
  11. Plank
  12. Vinyasa (using Cobra instead up up-dog, and with longer holds)
  13. Table top position
  14. Repeat steps 8-13
  15. Downward Facing Dog
  16. 5 Sun As
  17. 5 Sun Bs
  18. End last Sun B in Warrior I, open with an inhale to Warrior II, hold 5 cycles of breath
  19. Peaceful Warrior (back hand to back straightened leg), hold 5 cycles of breath
  20. Warrior II
  21. Standing Balancing Half Moon, hold 5 cycles of breath
  22. Revolved Balancing Half Moon, hold 5 cycles of breath
  23. Warrior III
  24. Standing Splits
  25. Tadasana, or Mountain Pose
  26. Sun B to Warrior I on other side
  27. Repeat steps 18-25 on other side
  28. Repeat 18-27, but as a flowing sequence, one breath per movement (should take between 30 seconds and a minute per side) on both sides
  29. Option: if class seems exhausted, stop here, otherwise, have them repeat again, but see if they can do it without instruction, listening to their breath instead of forever-talking instructor
  30. 5 minutes of balancing poses, calming the breath
  31. 5-10 minutes of cool down poses
  32. Savasana

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