Eating things and gratitude

From my friend, also named Emma, and her blog.

This is me, again being out and about. I'm working on it.

In the meantime, the other Emma is a serious foodie, and all other serious yogini-foodies ought to take note.

More soon, and love, and this:


The story is told about a woman Zen master named Sono who taught one very simple method of enlightenment. She advised everyone who came to her to adopt an affirmation to be said many times a day, under all conditions. The affirmation was, "Thank you for everything.  I have no complaint whatsoever."

Many people from all arenas of life came to Sono for healing.  Some were in physical pain; others were emotionally distraught; others had financial troubles; some were seeking soul liberation.  No matter what their distress or what question they asked her, her response was the same: "Thank you for everything. I have no complaint whatsoever."  Some people went away disappointed; others grew angry; others tried to argue with her.  Yet some people took her suggestion to heart and began to practice it.  Tradition tells that everyone who practiced Sono's mantra found peace and healing.

(I am unsure of the original provenance, but I love this)

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