Website update AKA I do yoga, not web design

I updated my website to be: The old blog link should automatically redirect to this web address and typing in the new address should bring up the blog. That being said, I'm a Luddite of the most awesome proportions, so please email me at thejoyofyogabook at gmail dot com if I failed. Of course, if I failed, then you're not seeing this post, and all is lost. So. There's that.

Here's a sequence, which perhaps no one will see.

  1. Table top position
  2. Extend left leg and right arm (opposite arm and leg extension)
  3. Exhale to round the spine and bring elbow and knee together under the torso
  4. Flow between 2 and 3 inhaling on step 2, exhaling on step 3
  5. Pause opp. arm and leg extension
  6. Bind, hand coming to foot
  7. Release again to step 5
  8. Take right hand to floor, take ball of left foot to floor in straight line behind you (no bend to left knee)
  9. Press into hands and ball of left foot to take right knee to nose
  10. Three-legged dog
  11. Flow between steps 9 and 10, exhaling to 9, inhaling to 10
  12. Knee-down lunge
  13. Bend and straighten front knee, moving with the breath
  14. Supported Warrior III (hands on blocks)
  15. Exhale knee to nose, inhale back to supported Warrior III, move with the breath
  16. Warrior III
  17. Standing Split
  18. Bend both knees to come directly into seated twist (see this link on what this looks like... last set of images)
  19. Swing top leg (should be the right leg) behind you 
  20. Pigeon Pose (Left leg should be forward)
  21. Wave torso over front leg
  22. Come onto forearms
  23. Step back into Forearm Plank
  24. Forearm side plank. Repeat both sides.
  25. Dolphin Pose
  26. Forearm Plank
  27. Table top position
  28. Thread the needle. Repeat both directions. 
  29. Table top position.
  30. Repeat insanely long sequence *steps 1-29* on other side. Be surprised on how it only takes like 15-20 minutes.

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