Lindsey's Vinyasa Flow Sequence

I took a really wonderful class today at Blackbird Yoga Studio with a friend, Lindsey. During Savasana, I got that lovely, tingly-all-over feeling that happens once in a blue moon but is *so great* when it does happen. She talked a lot about the movement of energy in the body and how the postures were mean to facilitate that. Well, certainly worked for me.

While some of the postures are harder to describe and don't have straight-forward Sanskrit names, I'll do my best here!

1. 5-10 minute warm up
2. Sun Salutation A variation (5-10 minutes)
3. Downward Facing Dog
4. Warrior I
5. Straighten your front leg and take your toes off of the earth (weight on heel). Take both hands to your heart and look upward.
6. Bend your front knee over the ankle (Warrior I legs). Take your torso to hover over your legs and reach both arms forward in offering.
7. Warrior II
8. Peaceful Warrior II
9. Triangle
10. Peaceful Warrior II
11. Extended Side Angle
12. Balancing Half Moon
13. Standing Splits
14. Matsyendrasana (Seated Twists, come directly into this shape from Standing Splits by bending both knees and tucking one shin behind opposite foot)
15. Standing Splits
16. Low Lunge
17. Side Plank Variation
18. Plank
19. Vinyasa
20. Repeat steps 3-19 on other side of the body
21. Pigeon, both sides
22. Supine Twists
23. Savasana

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