Power Yoga Sequence to Lift the Spirits

In my last post, I mentioned that a gentle, restorative yoga sequence can do wonders for the weary, winter soul. At least that's what works for my own weary, winter soul. I know others yogis have a different remedy and that remedy is the Chaturanga. Well, okay, not just the Chaturanga. While I need to move inward and find stillness for self care, others balance their serotonin levels with sweaty, physically challenging flows (hence the Chaturanga). What follows, then, is a sequence for those who need to flow through the funk and breathe through the blues. We'll get through the winter, one yoga practice at a time!

  1. Begin practice by lying facing down on the ground
  2. Inhale pushing yourself up to Plank
  3. In Plank, imagine your heels pushing back towards the ground
  4. Inhale, in Plank, coming onto tiptoes, shoulders forward of hands
  5. Move heels hack and forth, engaging core to keep torso in one plane
  6. Exhale to Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose)
  7. Pedal heels, warm up legs and hips
  8. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
  9. Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold)
  10.  Chair pose with Eagle arms
  11. Exhale elbows to or toward knees
  12. Inhale to life back to chair with Eagle arms
  13. Flow between 11-12 a few times, using belly strength
  14. Warrior III with Eagle arms
  15. Gently step back foot down (first onto ball, then onto heel) and raise arms for Warrior I
  16. Interlace hands behind back and exhale to fold
  17. Inhale to Warrior I
  18. Warrior II
  19. Peaceful Warrior
  20. Extended side angle
  21. Warrior II
  22. Float arms down, come into low lunge
  23. Low lunge twist
  24. Vinyasa
  25. Shift forward to plank
  26. Repeat steps 2-9
  27. Hold Uttanasana and breathe, 1-2 minutes
  28. Repeat steps 10-24
  29. Child's Pose
  30. Thread the needle, both way
  31. Agnistambhasana (Firelog Pose). Hold as long as you like, repeat other side.
  32. Supine twists
  33. Savasana

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