Hip flexor stretches!

 This sequence begins assuming that you've already practiced (or led, if you are an instructor) some warm-ups that target the hips. Let's say... 10-15 minutes worth. Ish. The poses below are part of a much longer sequence, which, if my brain remembers it, I will post the rest of at a later date and time. Therefore, it ends abruptly, without cool-downs or Savasana (which are 100% absolutely required, no questions asked). Enjoy!
  1. Downward Facing Dog
  2. Knee down lunge with right foot forward, inhale to reach arms overhead
  3. Take right hand to block or floor to right side of hip
  4. Side stretch with left arm to sky
  5. Take left hand to block or floor to left side of hip
  6. Side stretch with right arm to sky
  7. Knee down lunge, opening arms wide (like you're holding a giant beach ball)
  8. Half splits (Ardha Hanumanasana)
  9. Knee down lunge
  10. Move with breath back and forth between 8 and 9
  11. Pause in Half split
  12. Take left hand to block or floor to inside of right knee
  13. Inhale to lift right arm to sky to twist in half split
  14. Hold for a few breaths, exhaling to release both hands to the earth
  15. Bend right knee over ankle, press into hands, and extend right leg back behind you for opposite arm and leg extension in table top position
  16. Take left hand to right foot to bind, if it's there for you
  17. Extend arm and leg
  18. Table top
  19. Downward Dog
  20. Vinyasa
  21. Repeat steps 1-20 with left leg coming forward into lunge

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