Yoga Sequences for the Chakras: The Sixth Chakra

The Ajna Chakra-- or the sixth chakra-- is also known as the third eye. This chakra is associated with all that we can see beyond our vision of the material world-- intuition, fantasies, dreams, imagination, and visualization. I saw a really great visual description of the sixth chakra: it was an image of an iceberg. Our two eyes saw just the tip of the iceberg, while the third eye saw the incredibly depths and true expanse of the formation. For this practice, draw your attention inward, practice as much as you can with your eyes closed, and allow time for imagery and visualizations.

  1. Meditation, using internal imagery to help create pratyahara or sense withdrawal
  2. Child's pose, pressing your third eye into the floor
  3. Cat/cow with eyes closed
  4. 12 sun salutations, with variations of your choosing, with eyes closed
  5. Standing Forward Fold. Place a bolster on the floor, and let you head gently rest on it. Widen the legs enough so you can get your head to the boslter. If it ain't going to happen, hamstrings say "no way," then no biggie.
  6. Seated Foward Fold, again use bolster as head rest. 
  7. Shoulderstand
  8. Fish
  9. Supine Twists
  10. Savasana
  11. End with 3 Oms

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