Yoga for Hips

Achilles the Magic Puppy
My parents have a giant Great Dane named Achilles. He is magical because he is somewhere between 11 and 12 years old, which is really, really old for a Great Dane. He is in splendid health.

I think we can partially attribute Achilles' health to his hip flexibility (see photo above for example). I mean this quite literally; in larger dogs, hip deterioration often leads to a plethora of other health issues and a shortened lifespan. It is also, perhaps, thanks for the giant neon green food bowl that you see to the left of his hips. This is a well-loved puppy.

Hip health is just as important for us humans. Serious hip injuries in older adults (like fractures and breaks) may never heal. Just like with Achilles, more mobility usually means improved health and a longer, happier life. So take good care of your hips with this hippy-happy sequence.

  1. 1/2 happy baby
  2. Leg moving across body into #4 stretch (shin crossing thigh). 
  3. Cross leg over for Eagle legs twist
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 on other side
  5. Full happy baby
  6. Table
  7. Take leg out to side at 90 degree angle
  8. Draw circles with leg, both directions
  9. Downward Dog
  10. Forward Fold
  11. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
  12. Tree with leg you had drawn circles with in table
  13. Vinyasa to DD
  14. Repeat steps 7-13
  15. Forward Fold
  16. Chair
  17. Vinyasa
  18. Downward Dog
  19. Warrior II
  20. Goddess or Horse Stance (long hold)
  21. Warrior II
  22. High Lunge
  23. Hands interlaced behind back , heart opener and then forward fold ("Humble Warrior")
  24. Inhale to come back up
  25. Exhale both hands to inside of foot, lizard pose (long hold)
  26. Float back to plank
  27. Side plank on hand that is on same side as foot that had been forward
  28. Plank
  29. Vinyasa
  30. Repeat from Forward Fold (Step 15) and Chair (16) until another Vinyasa (step 29)
  31. Frog Pose (2 minutes)
  32. Bridge Pose with a block in between thighs (2 minutes)
  33. Supine twists
  34. Savasana

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