Power sequence with arm strength to stretch focus

Taught this class twice on Monday. Yes, it's very challenging. Yes, the students in the class (who I blurted out my deep love for Monday night) totally rocked it. Breathe well and rock it yourself, but take a break if you get tired and the alignment suffers. Wake up, and you'll look like Madonna.

1. Child's pose
2. Table
3. Cat/cow in table
4. 5-10 cycles of breath, eyes closed, organic movement in table-- where do you want to go?
5. Downward Facing Dog
6. Plank
7. Slowly lower to belly
8. Salabhasana (Locust) with tops of feet grounded
9. Release Locust, press back to plank
10. Side plank on both side, long hold
11. Downward Facing Dog
12. Repeat steps 6-11 two more times
13. Uttanasana (Standing forward fold), wide legs, hands to opposite elbow
14. Tadasana (Mountain)
15. 6-8 Sun Salutation As
16. Child's pose
17. Set up for Dolphin
18. Dolphin, inhale lift one leg, bend at knee, open hip. Repeat with other leg.
19. Forearm plank, hold for 5 cycles of breath.
20. Child's
21. Downward Dog
22. Forward fold
23. Chair
24. Chair twist, to both sides
25. Chair with hands interlaced behind back
26. Keep hands interlaced to a forward fold.
27. Release hands, traditional forward fold.
28. Vinyasa to Downward Dog
29. Warrior 1
30. Warrior 1 with eagle arms, drawing circles one way and then the other
31. Warrior 1
32. Warrior 1 with hands interlaced behind back, bowing forward to humble warrior (or "Silver Surfer)
33. Warrior 1
34. Warrior 2
35. Warrior 2 with back hand to back leg ("Peaceful Warrior")
36. Vinyasa
37. Repeat 29-36 on other side
38. Downward Facing Dog
39. Put it all together! Repeat 6-11 then 23-37. Lots of arm strengtheners (heat!) and then stretching
40. Annnnddd again! The locust, the side planks, through the chairs, the warriors with variations. Give the option for the students (if you're teaching this sequence) to do the last side of warriors on their own-- they probably know it by now.
41. 1-3 minute child's pose
42. Repeat 17-20 (more dolphin)
43. Child's pose to transition onto back
44. 5-10 minutes of cool down, you pick. Maybe a wheel in there, though, because the shoulders are so heated up and loosened.
45. Supine spinal twist
46. Savasana

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