Humble Warrior

Been totally into Silver Surfer aka Humble Warrior these days. What a magnificent pose! A combination of a shoulder opener, hip stretch, and leg strengthener. Che bella!

I've been throwing it into classes a lot of different ways, but here's what I did today:
  1. Sun As
  2. Vinyasa to Warrior I
  3. Inhale interlace fingers and lift heart, exhale to bow into Humble Warrior
  4. Inhale come back up into Warrior I
  5. Exhale to vinyasa
  6. Repeat on other side
  7. Repeat steps 2-4, exhale open to Warrior II
  8. Hold, then vinyasa
  9. Repeat on other side
  10. Repeat step 7, but from Warrior II, inhale to reverse the warrior, taking back hand to back leg, and exhale to straighten the front leg into Triangle
  11. Hold Triangle
  12. Inhale to come up, exhale to Warrior II
  13. Vinyasa to repeat on other side
Obviously a lot of other stuff in the class, but this was the bit with Humble Warrior. A nice option is to throw 3-legged dog with hip opener in between each side of repeating the poses. "Flipping the dog" optional and cumulative. Later in the class we did supine pigeon pose (which fit in nicely) with an option to come up and bend the back leg (taking a strap or the arm/hands to the back foot) for a bind afterward.

I have been loving this so much lately, I want to keep throwing it in there! Anyone else have neat-o ways to sneak in some humble warrior-ing?

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