The Joy of Yoga... the book?

For over two years now, I've been thinking of putting a compilation of yoga sequences together. Not ones that I myself have created, but from people I admire, who can put together a mean sequence. For almost a year and a half now, this blog has fed that desire. Some amazing guest sequences have graced these pages. In my research for posts, I have come across other amazing sequences on the pages of other blogs. Recently, however, that creeping desire to put it on paper has been coming back. You can always print the sequences out, but you should see what my drawers look like because of that. I'm craving bound copies of what this blog has been online.

So, I'm taking that jump. The big jump. I am creating a book of yoga sequences. As of now, I am putting out a call for your yoga sequences, be it restorative or power. I already have made contact with an independent book packager/distributor. Now, I need you. During your days of teacher training or when you began to develop your home practice, did you ever wish you had a resource of pre-tested (mother approved) sequences to take ideas from? I remember back in my teacher training, people would spend half the time doing the postures, half the time on their mats scribbling the sequence down. The idea is that a book like this would make teacher's and advanced student's lives a bit easier. 

As sequences come in, I'll evaluate them (aka practice them) and let you know if there are any follow up questions, additions that need to be made, and if your sequence will be included. Eventually, 108 sequences will be published in the text. 

Finally, I'm doing this as karma yoga and expect the same of contributors. This isn't a money making venture. I used to volunteer-teach yoga at schools; now I find my energy draws towards this creation.

If you're still interested or would like more information check out the new "Submissions Guidelines" tab. If you have more questions, email me at thejoyofyogabook at gmail dot com. And, if someone immediately pops into your mind as a rock-star yogi who would be interested as well, please forward this along.

Thank you for reading my blog, being out there in the world, and for your support. Now, get practicing and get published!

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