Chew This!: A contest

Welcome to the first contest on this blog in this blogista's memory. It's not that the opportunity hasn't been there (actually, considering how many people I feel like read my blog-- my mom and a couple of friends-- there's been a lot). But this is the first shwag I've gotten that I actually liked enough to want my friends to have some.

We returned in January from Mexico, where Chris bade farewell to the county with a serious case of Montezuma's Revenge (no, not the Atari game). We walked in the house dropped our luggage, intending to go right back out to buy his poor tummy some probiotics (his natural source having been donated to various airport facilities and my parent's house). On our kitchen table, though, what should we behold but a package, like a late holiday present. Inside, no joke, probiotics. Serendipity!

Things like that just make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The bottle is from Vidazorb Chewable Probiotics. The product we received is a mixture of probiotics and vitamin C and doesn't need to be refrigerated (this is key for me: when things go in my fridge, sometimes they stay there, forever forgotten). I have been taking them religiously. Ithaca has been hit with some nasty things recently. A huge stomach virus made the rounds and one of my co-yoga-instructors had to miss a teacher training she had already bought plane tickets to in North Carolina. Then strep throat started up and everyone is feeling a little scratchy.

Knock on wood, but Chris and I have remained in good health. My bottle, however, is getting precipitously empty. Now, to keep myself in good health, I need all of my friends to stay healthy. Hence, this giveaway (what? you thought it was selfless? pssssh).

Interested in being a part of the Joy of Yoga's first giveaway? I'm picky for a reason, kids, and I legit like this stuff. The only requirement for entry is to go to Vidazorb's Facebook page and sign on for their newsletter, and then leave me a note here letting me know that you did. On February 26th, I will then write everyone's names on a sheet of paper, and pick the name out of a hat (I am also old school).

And, um, Nick (oh lovely Vidazorb rep)... maybe I can get another bottle, too?

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