Yoga for Busy People

I am a busy person today and only have a few minutes to scribble down a post. I'm sure that's how many feel about the time that they have for a yoga practice. But you must get it in there! Here is a post from a busy lady, for the busy yogis out there. Hopefully, it will create more space in your life, which can feel like more time.

  1. Uttanasana (Forward Fold). Hold for 2-3 minutes. Come into it gently, don't pull yourself deeper. 
  2. Hands to sacrum/low back. Raise your chest towards the ceiling for slight back bend (chin slightly tucked)
  3. Lateral stretch, with single arm going towards opposite side above head
  4. Taking feet 2-3 feet apart, swing arms like empty coat-sleeves, allowing torso to twist as comfortable. Gently hit yourself. On the twist exhale a strong "HA!" sound, inhaling through the nose in between. Speed up or slow down as you feel is right for your morning body. 2-3 minutes. Note: If you do allow your hands to gently hit the back body, the usual location is right over the kidneys. If you're not hitting too hard, this can massage the adrenal glands, and work like a cup of coffee by encouraging the flow of adrenaline in the body. 
  5. Marichyasana (Marichi's Twist). Or any good twist. This helps untangle the nerves along the spinal cord. Hold each side for a minute, and gently twist in the opposite direction before switching sides.

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