Flow sequence to Vivsamitrasana

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This is an adaptation of a sequence taught by Sophie at Zero Gravite in Montreal, QC. My dad (turning 75!) and I took the course together and he impressed me so much. Keep at it, kids, and maybe when you're 74 you can do yoga as well as my dad. 

  1. Child's
  2. Thread the Needle
  3. DD
  4. Lift and lower heels x3
  5. Roll forward to plank and back to DD x3
  6. Plank
  7. Lower left knee, left foot to side side, open to knee down side plank
  8. Flow between Gate and Knee Down side Plank
  9. Knee down Balancing 1/2 Moon
  10. Float right foot from 1/2 moon to front of the mat. Move left foot 180 degrees (all the way to right)
  11. Knee down extended side angle (5 breaths)
  12. Pigeon flow (bend and straighten front leg)
  13. From straight front leg keep moving hips back directly to Janu Sirsasana
  14. Hold Parivrtta Janu for 5 breaths
  15. Flow to Star Gazer
  16. Flow between 14 and 15 a few times
  17. Vinyasa DD
  18. Lift right leg and hip opener
  19. Warrior II right leg forward
  20. Dancing Warrior
  21. Extended Side Angle
  22. Left hand to floor step back to side plank
  23. Repeat other side
  24. Vinyasa to DD
  25. Standing forward fold
  26. Tadasana
  27. Temple mudra side stretches
  28. Uttanasana
  29. Step left leg to back of mat
  30. High Lunge
  31. High Lunge Twist
  32. Open to Wide Leg Forward Fold Legs
  33. Interlace hands and forward fold
  34. Walk to plank pose
  35. Vinyasa
  36. Child's Pose
  37. Repeat from step 3-36 on other side
  38. Sun Salutations
  39. DD
  40. Lift and lower heels once
  41. Roll to plank
  42. Lower left knee
  43. Open to knee down side plank
  44. One time flow to gate
  45. Knee down 1/2 moon
  46. Knee down chapasana
  47. Right foot moves forward to knee down extended side angle
  48. Extend right leg to knee down triangle
  49. Lift torso and re-bend right knee
  50. Knee down Vivsamitrasana
  51. Lizard
  52. Lift left knee
  53. Straighten right leg for pyramid
  54. Flow torso over front leg in pyramid
  55. Lunge with hands to either side of front foot
  56. Three legged dog 
  57. Flip dog/wild thing
  58. Three legged dog
  59. Warrior II
  60. Dancing Warrior
  61. Triangle
  62. Balancing 1/2, optional Chapasana
  63. Vinyasa
  64. Uttanasana
  65. Tree pose with side stretch
  66. Uttanasana
  67. Step left leg back
  68. Full side plank with toe bind
  69. Vinyasa to DD
  70. Repeat steps 39-70 on other side
*Option: after step #55, come to DD instead. Float to Malasana. 
Sit down
Float to Koundinyasana from Compass
Extended side variation
Full Vivsamitrasana
Child's Pose

*Cool down with supine twists, gentle shoulder stretches, and maybe some restorative bridge and legs up the wall

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