1. Gomukhasana legs while lying on back
  2. Happy baby
  3. Supine boat pose
  4. Gomukhasana on back with other leg on top
  5. Supine straddle posture
  6. Boat pose
  7. Table
  8. Cat/cow spine
  9. DD
  10. Sun Salutations A +B (your choice to quantity and style)
  11. DD
  12. Lift right leg
  13. Place right foot in between hands and turn to wide leg fwd fold
  14. Airplane arms in wide leg fwd fold (5 cycles of breath). On second set of this, arms straight and parallel to ears. 
  15. Interlace hands behind back to refold
  16. Hands to earth return to lunge position, hands on floor
  17. Lunge twist, lifting right arm to sky
  18. Plank, vinyasa
  19. DD
  20. Again lift right leg
  21. High lunge
  22. High lunge twist
  23. Step to chair twist
  24. Lift right leg to standing balancing twist
  25. Face forward hug rt thigh to chest
  26. #4 stretch (galavasana prep)
  27. Tadasana
  28. Vinyasa
  29. Repeat 11-28 other leg
  30. Child's pose
  31. Table top
  32. Gomukhasana legs in table top (rt leg in front of left leg)
  33. Move hips side to side
  34. Puppy dog/anahatasana stretch with gomuk. legs
  35. Plant left leg back behind, rt knee to nose, rt foot in between hands
  36. Warrior II
  37. Warrior II with garudasana arms (long hold, at least 5 cycles of breath)
  38. Extended side angle with garudasana arms
  39. Regular extended side angle
  40. Triangle
  41. Lizard
  42. Side plank or half side plank
  43. Plank
  44. Vinyasa
  45. Repeat 30-45 other side
  46. Childs
  47. Gomukhasana (full posture)
  48. Return to step #32
  49. Place rt foot in between hands and lift torso
  50. Side crow or koundinyasana
  51. Vinyasa to DD
  52. Repeat 47-51
  53. Supine for backbends, inversions, and supine twists
  54. Savasana

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