Lunge with Bind (lunge bending and holding back foot)

  1. Begin on back
  2. #4 stretch
  3. Half hero
  4. Repeat 2 and 3 on other side
  5. Windshield wiper legs
  6. Cat/cow
  7. Table with opp arm and leg extensions and core work (elbow to knee under body)
  8. Tiger Pose
  9. Right foot forward in between hands
  10. Lunge pulses
  11. Prenatal yoga hip stretch (arms walk off to top left corner of mat, both hands inside of foot)
  12. Gate pose
  13. Knee down half moon to back on room
  14. Plank pose facing back of room
  15. Vinyasa to DD
  16. Flip dog
  17. Sit down (should be facing forward again)
  18. Marichasana bind
  19. Left hand to outer edge of right foot, right leg parallel to floor, twist to right
  20. Krounchasana/heron pose
  21. Sukhasana
  22. Forward fold over crossed legs
  23. Boat/navasana
  24. Vinaysa to repeat 6-23 on other side
  25. Standing balance work: Dancer's Pose, pick one more
  26. Belly down back bends
  27. Childs
  28. DD
  29. High Lunge
  30. Warrior II
  31. Extended Side
  32. Triangle
  33. Goddess Pose with shoulder rolls/openers
  34. Wide legged forward fold with shoulder opener
  35. Low lunge to front of room
  36. Whatever the name of the pose is that's in the picture (some variation of King Arthur's Pose?)
  37. Half splits (ardha hanumanasana)
  38. Repeat 27-37 other side
  39. Cool down
  40. Savasana

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