Prep for wheel to hand stand (using a wall, duh)

Not a cohesive sequence, lots of little pieces:

  1. DD
  2. Lift rt leg
  3. Knee to nose, lower shin to floor, pick it back up (knee to nose) and again leg to sky. Repeat 3x.
  4. Knee to nose then lower knee underneath right hip 
  5. Knee down side plank
  6. Gate pose (left leg is straight)
  7. Thread the needle in Gate Pose (rt arm to straight left leg)
  8. Table (facing to side)--> cat/cow
  9. Gentle Camel pose (hands to lower back, still facing to side)
  10. Gate Pose (right leg now straight)
  11. Low lunge rt knee bent
  12. Low lunge twist to rt
  13. Vinyasa
  14. Repeat 1-13 other side
  1. Low lunge
  2. Low lunge twist to right (arms open like wings)
  3. Stand up to high lunge with arm still open like wings (in a twist to rt)
  4. Rt arm down left leg, left arm opening to sky in backbend
  5. Prayer Twist, left elbow rt thigh
  6. Chair twist
  7. Stand up with right leg to balance twist
  8. Ankle to knee balance pose (#4 balance)
  9. Chair
  10. Vinyasa
  11. Repeat 1-10 other side
  1. DD
  2. Rt leg lifts
  3. Rt knee to nose
  4. 3-legged dog
  5. Rt knee to left elbow, extend the leg to the left and hold for 5 cycles of breath
  6. Rt knee to nose, extend the rt leg off to the right. Lower the left knee to the earth.
  7. Gate pose, rt leg straight
  8. Hand to floor, move the left foot forward, sit to Janu Sirsasana
  9. Janu series, including star gazer
  10. Vinyasa
  11. Repeat 1-10 other side
 Do a whole bunch of backbends in there, chair pose twists as a part of warm-up, standing balance poses as warm-up, standing camel pose early in there, too.

Bridge feet toward the wall
Wheel feet toward the wall
Wheel feet toward the wall-->Walk feet up wall-->Kick off wall to handstand-->Release to forward fold
Repeat as desired

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