Flow sequence to Crabby Crow: 1/2 Crow, 1/2 Tittibhasana

Hannah came up with the name, who knows came up with the shape.

  1. Half Frog on belly, starting with right knee out to the side, cactus/goal post arms
  2. Extend right leg straight behind you, roll onto right side of body with right arm still in goal post/cactus. Bend knees into fetal position.
  3. Roll back to belly
  4. Cross arms in front of you, going in opposite direction. Place a block underneath forehead.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 on other side
  6. Table top position with "shoulder flossing" (static push ups)
  7. Knees-Chest-Chin to belly
  8. Cobra x3
  9. Locust with hands interlaced behind back
  10. Table
  11. Cat/cow
  12. DD
  13. Standing
  14. Longer hold side stretches with hand to opposite wrist
  15. Sun As
  16. DD
  17. 3-legged dog (rt leg to sky), open and close straight rt leg
  18. 3x knee to nose
  19. Low lunge bend and straighten front leg
  20. Pause leg straight and flow over straight leg (variation pyramid legs)
  21. Vinyasa to repeat 17-20 other side
  22. Malasana
  23. Crow
  24. Vinyasa to DD
  25. 3-legged dog (rt leg to sky), bend knee and draw circles with knee
  26. 3-limbed plank 3x knee to nose
  27. Knee down lunge, right hand to left wrist side stretch
  28. Return to center
  29. Pyramid Variation
  30. Parivrtta trikonasana variation (back heel lifted)
  31. Low lunge
  32. Vinyasa
  33. Repeat 25-32 other side 
  34. Belly down backbends
  35. Childs
  36. DD
  37. 3-legged dog (rt leg to sky), flip dog
  38. Low lunge (direct from flip dog, don't use rt arm/hand)
  39. Turn to wide leg forward fold (facing left)
  40. Shoulder stretches in wide legged fold
  41. Star Pose
  42. Warrior II
  43. Dancing Warrior
  44. Triangle 
  45. Balancing Half Moon
  46. Lizard
  47. Crabby Crow (rt leg in Tittibhasana, left leg in crow)
  48. Lizard with twist (shoulder opener, quad stretch)
  49. Half or Full split
  50. Vinyasa
  51. Repeat 36-50 other side
  52. Backbends on back
  53. Twists
  54. Inversions
  55. Savasana

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