Teaching a new student//and flow

I had a student new to yoga in class today. We chatted for just a brief bit before class started and I had an interesting realization. When I first began teaching I had new students all the time (people who had never done yoga before). Now, however, it can be months between students who have never taken a yoga class. Could be the town I live in (hippie enclave, over-educated town-- today I had to look up a word in a party invitation in the dictionary), could be the age group I usually encounter, could be America. Still, it's my experience and it's changing every year-- and for the better I'd say, although I am pretty biased.

Here's a flow I've been teaching. There are some notes to myself in there so in case I want to revisit it there are some things I won't forget.

  1. Seated meditation
  2. Elizabeth mudra wrist stretch flow
  3. Cat/cow seated
  4. Rib barrel rolls seated
  5. Table top
  6. Leg extension knee to nose chaturanga, repeat 3x
  7. Knee down lunge
  8. Pulses in knee down lunge
  9. Arms over head in knee-down down to hand on floor leg straight. Hold for a few breaths in half split.  
  10. Repeat steps 6-9 on other side.
  11. DD
  12. Sun As
  13. Chair to Half Chair Flow
  14. Vinyasa
  15. 3-legged dog with knee to nose chaturanga push ups, repeat 3x
  16. Right foot in between hands
  17. Twist with left hand to inside of foot
  18. Walk to Goddess Pose facing other direction. Cat/cow spine with hands grabbing calves or ankles.
  19. Goddess
  20. Warrior II (still with Right foot forward)
  21. Peaceful
  22. Extended Side Angle
  23. Vinyasa
  24. Repeat steps 15-23 on other side
  25. Chair to Eagle with left foot down. Eagle flow (torso up and down).
  26. Unwind to step directly to Malasana squat
  27. Malasana
  28. Crow
  29. Vinyasa to DD
  30. DD with right leg lifted, knee bends, maybe flip dog
  31. Right foot in between hands
  32. Twist with left hand to inside of foot
  33. Turn both feet to face to right side for side plank/parivrtta anjaneyasan variation. Flow with breath, moving arms and lifting and lowering hips
  34. Pivot all the way until you're in a skandasana lunge on left leg
  35. Lunge side to side in skandasana
  36. Pause on left leg for deeper stretch
  37. Gracefully transition to Warrior II rt leg forward
  38. Peaceful
  39. Triangle
  40. Balancing Half
  41. Warrior II
  42. Peaceful
  43. Lunge with hands on earth
  44. Warrior III
  45. Eagle with right foot down. You should have gone full circle, ready to start sequence on other side (steps 25-44). 
  46. More wrist mudra stretches
  47. Tittibhasana
  48. More wrist stretches
  49. Quad stretches
  50. Supine twists
  51. Inversions
  52. Savasana

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