What you practice you get better at

If you practice self-care, you'll get better at it. If you practice speaking to yourself with respect, you'll get better at it. If you practice strength, you'll get better at it.

  1. Begin on back
  2. Strap work on back with legs (usual three positions)
  3. Ankle to knee pose, many variations
  4. Windshield wiper legs to release
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 on other side
  6. Feet to floor, hands to opposition elbow. Draw circles with elbows, both ways
  7. Side crow on back
  8. Hand stand on back
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 3x on each side
  10. Knee circles on back, release belly and massage lower back
  11. Rock to Chair Pose
  12. Chair Pose twists with breath, three each side
  13. Chair Pose flow with Diver's Pose
  14. Vinyasa
  15. DD
  16. Three legged dog
  17. Right leg to sky
  18. Lift onto ball of left foot, lift right leg higher and then lower left heel toward earth. Repeat three times.
  19. Three jack-knifes to DD
  20. Low lunge with pulses
  21. Three stage lift to High Lunge
  22. Gomukhasana arms in High Lunge, back bend gently
  23. Warrior III with G. arms
  24. Eagle legs with G. arms
  25. Eagle arms in Eagle, to bow
  26. Chair Pose
  27. Chair Pose with arms open twists (prenatal style), 3x each direction
  28. Repeat steps 13-25 on other side
  29. Chair Pose
  30. Crow Pose
  31. Vinyasa
  32. Chair Pose
  33. Side crow
  34. Vinyasa
  35. Repeat steps 28-30 on other side
  36. Standing in Tadasana
  37. Strap work or grab big toe for standing balance work that matches leg work on back from beginning
  38. Standing ankle to knee (with arm balance or fold)
  39. Vinyasa
  40. Repeat other side
  41. Standing splits against the wall
  42. Pigeon
  43. Repeat other side
  44. Supine twists
  45. Savasana

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